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Kenya Holidays - Luxury and adventure on a Kenya holiday

Kenya Holidays - When it comes to luxury and adventure Kenya is a destination that goes beyond expectations.

Kenya is a land blessed with inspiring landscapes, spectacular wildlife, friendly hospitable people and beautiful cultures. The original safari destination- Kenya! Kenya holidays offer you the chance to observe a cheetah scouting the savannah from the bonnet of your land cruiser, then sip a cocktail while looking out at elephants only a few meters from you. Slip into a warm king size bed in your luxury tent while you fall asleep to the sounds of hippos bathing in the river, something that can only be experienced with Kenya holidays.

Kenya holidays allow you to spend time with unique and colorful tribes that will welcome you into their village and give you a glimpse into like that is far from anything you can imagine. Milk a cow or build a fire Masai style. Adorn yourself in gorgeous beadwork or take back with you an authentic Masai warrior’s spear.

While on a Kenya holiday you can stay in world renowned luxury - there are numerous accommodation options to choose from. Spoil yourself with stay in luxury tented camps with butler service, rain showers so you can bathe under the stars. Enjoy an outdoor massage with a view of Zebras.  Spend you night enjoying gourmet cuisine amidst roaring bonfires, Masai tribesmen humming in the background and dessert flambé out in the bush. You can also choose from leading hotel chains incorporating service and style amidst an authentic surrounding. A holiday in Kenya boffers everyone something incorporating character with charm and finesse.

Sample the world's finest tea and coffee. Taste the flavors of Africa meets Arabia while at the coast. Listen to the vibrant and soul stirring beats of Africa! A Kenya holiday will awake your senses.

Kenya Holidays, HTT Recommendations:
As part of your Kenya holiday while the sun rises fly over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon, gazing down at the African savannah and animal's then land and indulge in chilled champagne with a full bush breakfast.
Get up close and personal with Kenya's wildlife while on a Kenya holiday safari with an open top land cruiser then stop in the bush for an elegant cocktail looking out at breathtaking landscapes.
In addition to safari a Kenya holiday can offer you to opportunity to relax on one of the world's finest beaches after your safari. Sink your toes into fine white sands, float away in warm clear waters, dine under the stars on fresh seafood and enjoy some of the Arabic flavors of Kenya's colorful coast. The perfect way to end your Kenya holiday
Looking for adventure on your Kenya holiday – why not challenge yourself on adrenaline filled adventure activities such as climbing Mount Kenya, rafting the white water of the river Tana, rock climbing through the gorges at Hell's gate, deep sea diving or fishing in the Indian Ocean –Kenya holidays offer whatever level of intense activity you're looking for.
While on your holiday experience some of the world's top rated lodges and private camps that are far from civilization but brings together the wild side of Africa with unimaginable luxury, service and elegance making your Kenya holiday truly unforgettable.

If you are looking for a true Kenya holidays experience, let us show you the ultimate insights into what makes Kenya a truly incredible experience. Travel HTT offer unique accommodation, safaris, getting up close with the wildlife, witnessing breath taking landscapes and participating in activities that will take you on an adrenaline high or relax you with complete indulgence.

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